User Manual


MoCom is a Software for small business owners, that helps them optimise their business operations. It has multiple functions that are adaptable to the needs of most business segments. You can use the service on any device, but its best optimised for the Mobile Screen. If your business is servicing clients mainly remotely. For instance you might be an Architect, IT Developer, Photographer etc, the probability is the majority of your transaction goes through a Invoicing process.
If you instead have a "Retail" oriented business, like a Clothing Store or Cafe, most of your transaction happens through Cash and Card in person Payments.
You might also be a mix of these, like a Catering business or Car Repare Shop or Personal Trainer business. MoCom has tools for each of these business lines and the platform is adaptable to adjust itself specifically for your needs. During signup you can choose how to adapt your platform and our service staff can also help. Its fairly straight forward.


To start, click signup or Login on top right of the website then click Sign Up button and fill the registration form as shown on the screenshots below

Verify your email address by pressing the button in the message we send you right away (please check your junk folder).

Now you may log in to your account using your email address and the password you created previously, fill-in additional Account and Company information forms.

After that, your account is now ready to be used.

Next step - fill in the information about your company


3.1. Add/Edit item.

To start operating MoCom Servie you need to set up items you will be selling

Log in to your account and click on "Items" section of the main menu on the left of the screen

Add new product details

To create an item, press “Add Item” button, which will lead you to a product creation page. Fill in the product name, description, and the price. Also you can add different variations.

Edit product modifiers

You can choose additional modifiers or add you own, just you need to press "Add Modifiers". When you have completed everything and do not want to make any additions, click "Save".

3.2. Add/Edit category.

To create a product category, click on "Items" section of the main menu on the left of the screen and choose “Edit Categories” which in turn will open a new page, with the button “Add Category”. After you’ve filled-in all information about the category, press Save Changes. The category is now created. All categories and products that are created on the website will instantly appear in your app, as well as those items created within the app will be visible on your web-based dashboard.


When an order has been entered, you can see it in your account. You can filter them and control order status.

POS Home

Filter Orders

Order Status


If you are a "Retail oriented business, The Main Screen you will be working from is the TERMINAL SCREEN. You can access it from your HOME SCREEN. On the left-hand side, you have your Categories and on the right all items. At any time, you can go back to the HOME SCREEN by pressing the arrow on top left. From the home screen you can add more items, add/edit staff, set up hardware, payments etc

Left-hand side

Right-hand side

5.1. Taking Payments

When an order has been entered, you can choose what type of payment the customer wants to pay with. Cash, Card or More

Item order

Order menu

Type of payment

5.1.1 Cash Payment Method

If Cash option is chosen a new window is opened. Here you will see how much the order is for (how much the customer needs to pay). Let's say this amount is €70,50. You have the option of entering cash that you received. You will see then that the change you owe to the customer is €29,50. Once you press "Confirm" the order is closed and CONFIRMATION SCREEN opens up. Here you can select if customer wants a receipt, if they want it printed, emailed etc.

5.1.2 Card Payment Method

If card payment option is chosen, the MoCom POS will send a request to the Card terminal provider (a.k.a. Card Acquirer) which you have registered in the Payments section and wait for approval message from the card terminal that payment has been successfully completed. This transaction is called Offline transaction or card present transactions. Once approval has been received from the card terminal you can offer the customer a digital receipt (SMS or email) or printed. If no receipt is preferred, you can archive the order (Same process for all types of payments). Make sure your Email settings are set up properly in Settings, as the email button triggers the email client that is preinstalled on your device and is not a MoCom specific service.

5.1.3 More Payment Method

If a customer wishes to split the check, add a tip, pay through an Instalment service etc, from the POS Screen, press the appropriate function.

5.2. Reports and Sales List

In order to operate your business on site or remotely, you can at any time, go into the app or use our website and see the current and past reports of your business. From the HOME screen, press REPORTS or go to Reports from your admin portal interface. Here you can see a complete overview of how your business is performing. Here you can view how much sales you had in your organization last week or per POS station, and your top selling products. Moreover, your reports can easily be exported into excel or PDF document.