Mobile Ordering Made Easy

Let customers order and pay directly from their phones. No apps, no downloads

Adapted to your business without compromise

We help you set up the order flow. When a customer places the order on their Mobile, the kitchen gets notified to prepare the meal. In addition the waiter/bartender can also be notified, so that everyone is up to speed.

The Ordering Solution That Both Staff and Guests Love

A flexible service model can improve hospitality, reduce labor costs, and increase sales

Save 30%

By shifting some of the order and payment management to the customer, you are able to save at least 30% of your staffing cost as your customers are "their own waiters". 

One Platform

We've designed our services so you can get everything in one place. Payments, POS, hardware, Loyalty, Staff Management and 3rd Party services, is all synced together. One Platform, One Contract, One Partner. ​

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Funny enough, even if clients are now doing part of the work, previously done by your service staff, we see that customer satisfaction and Ratings to your business go up by 25%! It can be as simple as never have to wait for getting the bill to pay, or simply being in control and on demand ordering. 

Business solutions for every type of business

We know what takes to run your own business, the sweat and tears that go into be “your own boss”. We’ve been there, done that and are still doing it 24/7. We ensure we do payments really, really well for you, so that you can focus on what you do best, servicing your customers!
Getting paid is probably the most important thing in running a business. You need a partner that will take care of that for you, hassle free!


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