Mobile Point of Sale & Customer Order App

Let customers order and pay directly from their phones. Fully synced with the Mocom POS. No apps, no downloads, just less cost and more revenue to you. 

Simple to use Point of Sale App that your staff and customer loves

Forget about legacy hardware and Point Of Sale solutions that aren’t connected to the cloud, looks outdated and that costs a fortune to purchase and upkeep. 

Switch to fully mobile POS infrastructure. Perfect for an iPhone and iPad environment. 

Let your customers order and pay from your own branded Order app

No hardware, no app downloads. customers can start and finish an order in seconds. It’s fully synced with your POS and orders can be started by customers and later cashed out by your service staff. 


POS for hospitality business of the future

Protect your business no matter what the future brings. Our POS system for restaurants offers you the tools you need to stay ahead in a constantly evolving sector.

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

It speeds up service, improves communication and eliminates the complexity of order management.

From the table to the kitchen

Receive orders in real time directly in the back room with Mocom. Speed up service, reduce ticket errors, and handle incoming orders seamlessly.

Trusted by the leaders in the
  Hospitality Industry  

Increase efficiency with a POS system that works with you

Our cloud-based POS software helps you focus on what matters—creating unique experiences for customers.

Allow your customers to order and pay on their phone.

Modern Point of Sale App on Mobiles and Tablets allow your business to operate smoother.

Easily accept all kinds of payments, including contactless

Kitchen Display to handle incoming orders