All in One Point of Sale. All you need is an Apple Device.

Mocom offers a full POS in addition card acceptance platform. Recent technology has enabled all phones to act as a card terminal.


Say goodbye to legacy hardware. Offer clients to order and pay remotely or at the table through QR scanner.

POS for hospitality business of the future

Our POS system for restaurants offers you the tools you need to stay ahead in a constantly evolving sector.

Limit contact and improve efficiency with tabletop ordering and contactless payments

Reduce customer contact and increase table turnover with customizable table layouts and intuitive management

Easily connect with leading order and delivery management applications to create new revenue streams and meet customer expectations

Track inventory, calculate costs and profits, simplify new order management, and integrate with leading accounting software

Take advantage of powerful sales reports on any device to increase profitability, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of your employees

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

It speeds up service, improves communication and eliminates the complexity of order management.

Track time at the table and manage the layout plan in real time to increase table turnover

Eliminate costly mistakes with order automation and seamless communication

Streamline back room operations with a complete kitchen monitoring system

Group dishes and order types to speed up preparation and reduce customer wait time

From the table to the kitchen

Receive orders in real time directly in the back room with Swype. Speed ​​up service, reduce ticket errors, and handle incoming orders seamlessly.

Pass orders directly to the kitchen to improve delivery times and accuracy

Receive online orders in your kitchen as soon as they are ordered

Eliminate manual paper tickets and confusion to improve service

Respect social distancing and reduce the need for staff to manually send orders to the kitchen

Eliminate failures with a single view of last-minute order changes

Save time and eliminate waste with smart stock control

Spend less time taking inventory and more time managing your restaurant. With Mocom, now you only need a few minutes to control your inventory.

Track inventory even down to the ingredients in your dishes

Automate purchase orders and use out-of-stock notices so you never run out of what you need

Protect your bottom line with precise stock control

Minimizes cash flow tied up in inventories

I've been managing food and beverage businesses for + 20 years. Finally a system that is modern and easy to use, especially for our customers!

Angel Titoz

Owner - Seviche Place

How does Mocom help your hospitality business?

To keep people coming back, you don't just need good coffee or comfortable beds, it's the service that makes you special. Mocom will help you make the difference because you won't have to spend time on invoicing or sorting out your long list of suppliers.

Save time and money

All management that can be automated will be, and thanks to our plans, you only pay for what you use.

Everything in one place

Holded connects every aspect of your business under one platform.

Your data, just a click away

Do you need to contact a supplier? Do you want to know which invoices are outstanding? All your company info at your fingertips.

Support service

If you have any questions or do not know how to solve something, we are at your disposal whenever you need us.

Apple Friendly

You can use Mocom on any device, but its specifically tailored to Apple, in particular as the new Card Acceptance technology is suited for these devices

Any time - Any place

All you need to access Mocom is your computer or phone and connection to the internet.

Try Mocom completely free and without limits

Around the clock support means you're never alone.